Bigleaf High-availability Options

Bigleaf offers multiple equipment redundancy solutions for mission-critical availability and uptime depending on the customer requirements. Most customers who have redundant firewalls will prefer the Bigleaf Standard High-availability (HA) solution, but we have options to fit most needs. 

Standard High-availability

Our standard High-availability package consists of two pre-configured Bigleaf edge routers bridged together for immediate failover should either router fail for any reason. This provides the most cost-effective, zero-touch failover option.



High-availability w/ switches

If you require multiple uplinks between their firewalls and the Bigleaf equipment, making use of LACP trunks, the HA with Switches solution should be selected. 



Warm spare backup

Our warm spare option provides a lower cost option that requires manual intervention in the case of hardware failure. The Warm Spare package consists of one standard Bigleaf edge router and a second preconfigured router that can be manually swapped out in the case of a hardware failure in the primary router.