Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Bigleaf’s Partner Programs give telecom consultants, agents, MSPs, IT consultants, cloud service providers, VARs, and system integrators opportunities to build and grow revenue streams from the surging demand for cloud-based services.

Bigleaf was built for the channel. In fact, we are 100% dedicated to an indirect sales model, and so we’ve put tremendous effort into making Bigleaf incredibly easy to work with. Our mission is to make life easier on the people responsible for technology in today’s business environment. We believe this philosophy holds true for our partner community as well. We offer 4 unique partnership opportunities outlined below.

Sales Partners

We provide a common-sense business case to migrate businesses to a multi-path highway to the cloud in an easy, plug-and-play fashion, which enables our partners to develop a more reliable and secure cloud migration strategy for their clients. With Bigleaf service in place, our partners can feel significantly more comfortable recommending additional cloud services to their customers, with the knowledge that the connectivity piece of the puzzle won’t have the potential of creating a poor user experience. This fully-featured Channel program offers recurring revenues for selling Bigleaf services. We provide extensive training and support to ensure your sales team is fully educated and self sufficient with Bigleaf’s product line. We deliver the tools needed to proactively drive an enhanced cloud services strategy, including:
  • Educational materials
  • Marketing content
  • Outreach campaign templates
  • Sales automation tools
  • Co-branded landing pages
Who should join?
  • Telecom agents
  • VARs
  • Integrators
  • IT Consultants
  • Provides a more robust and stress-free cloud migration strategy
  • Encourages wider adoption of cloud technologies
  • Facilitates a new and unique consulting perspective

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If we sound like the right addition to your portfolio, then we’d love to chat with you about our partner program. If you’re interested, please or contact us.

Reseller Partners

As an IT consultant or MSP you have excellent control of your client’s LAN experience and cloud-based applications, but little to no control or visibility of the internet path in between. Bigleaf changes that, allowing you to provide a complete end-to-end story of value and control to your clients. Benefits include:
  • End-to-end visibility of internet quality issues through our web-based NMS app and email alerts.
  • Automatic mitigation of performance problems, for reduced support workload and tickets.
  • Ability to custom prioritize your line-of-business applications.
  • You re-bill our service for increased top-line revenue and one invoice for your clients.
In this model we handle all of the difficult technology – we provide all of the equipment, run the network, and give your teams training. You handle 1st-tier technical support and front-line sales/marketing, but we’re always here for escalation tech support and to provide joint sales and marketing opportunities and assistance.

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If you’re interested in bringing the Bigleaf solution to your service offerings, then we’d love to chat. Please contact us so we can discuss.

Referral Partners

Want to earn revenue for introducing Bigleaf Networks to business customers, but don’t have the time or business model to support the full sales lifecycle? Bigleaf has a rewarding solution for you. We offer a generous referral fee for prospects that you refer to Bigleaf who purchase Bigleaf services.
Who should join?
  • IT and management consultants
  • Cabling companies
  • Phone equipment providers
  • Service Providers
  • Cloud Providers
  • Earn significant referral fees.
  • Incredibly easy! Just help with an introduction, and we’ll do the rest.
How it works: