Release Notes


  • Web Dashboard Update: We have added new circuit and device status display on the site overview page. The site overview now shows the overall status of the CPEs and Network Switches (if deployed) and also introduces the new normal circuit status. The normal status will display under certain conditions if you have fixed wireless, satellite, or cellular circuit(s).
  • Alerting Improvements: User accounts now have the option to add multiple alert destinations. Visit our blog to read more about each of these improvements.


  • Web Dashboard Update: The site overview page in the web dashboard has been updated with additional performance report metrics. Similar to the monthly performance report email, the dashboard now shows the values for Uptime Improvement, QoS Adaptations, Major Issues Fixed, and Minor Issues Fixed. Unlike the email, these can be queried in hour, 24 hour, monthly, and custom date ranges. 


  • Traffic Optimization Dashboard Update: The site overview page in the web dashboard has been updated with new WAN circuit status indicators and summary metrics of the traffic optimization performed by the Bigleaf software. The metrics show the sessions rerouted, high priority packets protected, total sessions, and bandwidth of traffic handled for hourly, 24 hour, and current month time periods. Visit our blog to read more about the new dashboard.


  • High Availability: We now support a new standard high-availability (HA) deployment mode that does not use any 3rd-party switches, but instead uses just the 2 Bigleaf edge routers. This deployment mode does not support LACP, but all other standard connectivity is
    supported. Use of 3rd-party switches is still supported as an add-on option.


  • Performance Report Update: Added release notes and customer referral program to monthly performance reports.


  • QoS Prioritization: Updated throughput control of combined multi-WAN download traffic to protect CPU processing and ensure packet QoS prioritization during certain situations


  • CPE AUX Port as 2nd LAN Port (Limited Release): Now GA


  • Application Class Visibility in Throughput Graphs (Limited Release): Upgraded WAN circuit traffic visibility to now display throughput by QoS Traffic Class. Using the Web Dashboard, users can drill down into throughput usage to diagnose what types of applications are consuming WAN bandwidth at each moment in time.
  • CPE AUX Port as 2nd LAN Port (Limited Release): We enabled use of AUX port on CPE Routers as a 2nd LAN port. Now users can directly plug 2 network devices into the Bigleaf CPE Router for use with the Bigleaf service. Note, this feature must be enabled in the Bigleaf Web Dashboard to function, contact Bigleaf Support for help.


  • (General Availability) We resolved in an issue where in rare cases some site-to-site VPN packets could be delivered out-of-order. Previously, work-arounds were implemented by Bigleaf Support, but the issue is now fully resolved and no work-arounds are required
  • (General Availability) Added preset performance graph zoom drop-down in the Web Dashboard for easier graph navigation


  • (General Availability) Improved Web Dashboard graph and icon refresh period to 30-seconds for quicker updates