2018 was filled with growth and success for the Bigleaf team, scaling our company, product and partnerships to new heights. Here’s a look back at our biggest highlights from the year.

Closing a investment round to kick off a year of growth

We started the year by celebrating a round of funding led by GoAhead Ventures. This funding gave us the resources we needed to serve our customers and partners better, at larger scale, in new geographies, and with new features and offerings.
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Leading SD-WAN sales among Telarus partners

We were honored to receive recognition as the Top SD-WAN Provider in 2017 by the Master Agent Telarus, LLC. This highlighted the real-world success of Telarus and their partners selling more Bigleaf SD-WAN services than any other SD-WAN provider in their portfolio.
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Making Bigleaf Firewall-friendlier with WatchguardONE partnership

We officially joined the WatchguardONE Technology Partner program. Through certification and documented product integration, Bigleaf and WatchGuard channel Partners and customers gained stronger security, easier deployments, and better interoperability in their IT ecosystems.
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Partnering with Microsoft to drive Office 365 adoption

Bigleaf joined forces with Microsoft as part of their ScaleUp program, an immersive collaboration with successful companies like ours that offers access to sales, marketing and technical support around Microsoft’s enterprise technologies. As part of ScaleUp, Bigleaf sells side by side with Microsoft’s sales teams and have our solutions listed on the Azure Marketplace.
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Solve your VoIP call problems with Bigleaf SD-WAN

Fixing the most common problems with VoIP calls

We’ve shown businesses how to diagnose their most common VoIP call issues, from dropped calls to choppy or robotic-sounding voice connections. What’s more, we’ve helped them understand how their internet causes these issues and how Bigleaf can help put an end to end frustrating VoIP call issues.
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Showing practical SD-WAN success for different kinds of businesses

With so much SD-WAN hype in 2018, one could almost think that it was all marketing and no substance. That’s why we wanted to take some time to highlight the real-world problems that businesses are solving with Bigleaf’s unique SD-WAN solution.
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Busting some long-held myths about fiber-based Internet

There’s a lot of fake news out there, especially when it comes to Internet performance. Bigleaf used our database of nationwide internet circuit performance to put some commonly held beliefs to the test, starting with fiber-based internet.
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Case Study: DP Fox Builds Their Future in the Cloud with Bigleaf SD-WAN as the Foundation

Showing how one of our customers build their future in the cloud with Bigleaf SD-WAN as the foundation

In any year, the most important success we can celebrate is the success of our customers, and 2018 was no exception. We highlighted one of those customers in a recent case study exploring the networking challenges of moving to the cloud and showed how Bigleaf SD-WAN came to the rescue.
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Looking forward to 2019

This year has set the stage for a big 2019, filled with more growth, more innovation and more success for our customers and partners. We’d like to thank all our customers, investors, staff, advisors and community for supporting us as we strive to build a great product and culture.

We’d love to hear how we can better help *you* in 2019, so hit us up through our Contact Us page to let us know how.

Have a happy new year. Here’s to a great 2019!

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