Expanding SD-WAN Performance With our new Atlanta Gateway Cluster

New Atlanta Gateway Cluster brings improved regional performance to SD-WAN networkWe’re excited to announce that Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN platform has grown once again with the addition of our newest Gateway Cluster in Atlanta, GA. This new Gateway Cluster is our sixth deployment, expanding the Bigleaf Cloud Access Network to provide even better session quality and traffic control for VoIP calls, virtual desktop sessions, credit card payments and other Cloud-based applications.

Customers in the Southeast region will see even more significant improvement in their cloud and SaaS application performance. What’s more, this expansion adds to our list of directly peered networks, giving Bigleaf customers improved access to our cloud, content, and network peers.

Investing in the future of SD-WAN for the US and beyond

Over the past 12 months, we’ve expanded our presence across the US and specifically in the Southeast region. This expansion includes the addition of dedicated regional sales and channel personnel to the Southeast as well as several strategic partnerships. These efforts have driven significant growth in the region, making this expansion possible.

While a significant portion of the post-Series A funding for Bigleaf going to expanding our team, it’s also important to note that we are investing in our network as well. With the completion of the Atlanta Gateway Cluster, the network team at Bigleaf can now look ahead to our next round of expansion, which for the first time will take the network beyond the United States.

In the coming months, we will be excited to make similar announcements in the form of global expansion. With our Cloud Access Network at the core of our offering, these expansions will continue to position Bigleaf as the leader in Cloud-first SD-WAN.

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