DP Fox builds a cloud-first future with Bigleaf

Meet Grant Zondervan. Grant, who is VP of IT at DP Fox Motors, accelerated his company’s cloud journey with internet optimization from Bigleaf Networks, to support future growth at the large chain of auto dealerships.

Case Study: DP Fox Builds Their Future in the Cloud with Bigleaf SD-WAN as the Foundation

Every day, IT leaders like Grant are moving critical business applications to the cloud. That transition brings a whole new level of flexibility and speed to those companies, but many IT pros still need stable, reliable internet options to keep cloud technologies up and running as intended. Bigleaf delivers that solution in a cloud-first SD-WAN, supporting resilient internet connectivity and contributing to success stories like Grant’s.

Grant Zondervan, VP of IT at DP Fox/Fox Motors

Grant moved DP Fox’s most important software to the cloud, and his IT organization grappled with uptime challenges along the way. Bigleaf has helped him to meet those challenges as DP Fox continues to expand business operations and add new locations.

Read the full DP Fox case study for all the details. To learn how Bigleaf can help your company improve cloud performance and user experience across multiple locations, schedule a free demo or drop us a note.

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