Positioning Bigleaf for accelerated growth

This morning, we announced that Greg Davis has taken on the role of Bigleaf’s CEO. I’ve known Greg for years, ever since Jeff and I recruited him to join our board of directors. He is a seasoned leader with deep experience scaling businesses and has a strong understanding of our market, customers, and partners. I believe he’ll do a great job leading the company to our next levels of scale, keeping important aspects of our culture while also driving excellence in new ways. You can read the official press release here.

Running Bigleaf on a day-to-day basis today is much different than it was when we were a startup. Our market continues to expand and the opportunity for us to capture our share continues to grow, too. IT organizations, especially those in small to medium size businesses, are stretched thin as they move workloads to cloud environments, secure networks with distributed internet access, securely decommission on-premises or Colo environments and support a geographically distributed user community. More than ever our customers are looking for solutions that make things easier, and we’ve established a consistent track record of delivering on that promise. Our SD-WAN technology and Cloud Gateway infrastructure allows us to stay laser focused on serving as our customers’ Internet and cloud connectivity foundation in a manner that can be easily layered onto any existing security or firewall infrastructure without the need for large scale expensive deployments.

It has been a great privilege to lead Bigleaf and be a part of this amazing company for the last ten years. Our team has accomplished amazing things since we opened the doors back in 2012. Today, we’re opening even bigger doors. The company is stronger than ever. This leadership change positions Bigleaf for the next level of accelerated growth and expansion, a skillset and scale where Greg exceeds. I will continue to serve and be involved on our board of directors and make myself available to Greg and the team.

I am deeply grateful to the people: customers, partners, investors, and community — both past and present — who put their trust in us. I believe there are many exciting things to come!


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