Internet Performance

Why Medical Offices and Care Facilities Use Bigleaf’s SD-WAN

Healthcare is going to the cloud  More and more of the day-to-day operations of the typical medical office, assisted living facility, clinic, and care facility rely on the internet. They’re turning to cloud-based tools to more efficiently and effectively connect providers, patients, and data.  Patient medical records and communications are being managed digitally. Phone systems … Read More

Finally: Resilient and Autonomous Networking for Cloud-Focused Businesses

While they are excellent tools for collaboration, voice and video are also effective network diagnostic tools. With their sensitivity to circuit conditions, they more easily reveal problems with internet performance that other applications can limp through. A certain amount of … Read More

How to Create a Network That is Resilient Against Internet Outages and Issues

On August 30th, CenturyLink/Level 3 experienced a widespread internet outage lasting nearly 5 hours. This not only impacted their network and their direct customers, but it also affected many other ISPs and services that either directly or indirectly connected to … Read More

What Happened with the Internet Outage This Weekend?

You probably noticed or heard that CenturyLink / Level 3 had a big network outage this past Sunday morning. Several popular sites and online services were down or unusable, including Amazon, Hulu, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, and Twitter. So … Read More

More Bandwidth May Not Solve Your Home Internet Problem

Here’s why Internet access at your team member’s home is different from what you use at the office. When many of us stopped commuting, our data had to start making a difficult commute instead.  We once headed in to the … Read More

Making Home Internet Work

How to Support Connectivity for Business Applications when Everyone is Working from Home — The challenges of managing IT for our newly remote workforce cannot be overstated. As the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered our offices, the number of Americans working from home went from 15 million to an estimated 92 million. That means you have gone from supporting one, or maybe a handful of sites, to supporting all the business apps your users need on different devices connected in different ways to different ISPs. … Read More

Bringing the Office Home: Create Healthy Home Networks with Bigleaf Home Office

Sometimes a product happens when you least expect it. That’s what happened with Bigleaf Home Office, a service specifically geared for those of us who are now (or have been) working from home.  We had always wanted to develop a … Read More

How to Diagnose and Solve Home Internet Issues

When there’s a problem with your home office’s internet connection, your first instinct might be to call the ISP. But before you get to that point, there are a lot of things you can do to isolate and treat problems within your network. Read more to learn how to diagnose and solve home internet issues. … Read More

Upload vs Download Speed and Why it Matters in Your Home Office

If you’ve experienced choppy Zoom or Teams calls in your home office, you’re not alone. According to a recent report by Waveform, an estimated 13.2M people who are working from home due to Coronavirus are experiencing daily Internet connectivity issues. … Read More

Making Home Internet Work for Business Applications

We’ve been fielding lots of questions from Bigleaf partners and customers looking to get applications like Zoom and MS Teams to work reliably over residential internet. So we asked Bigleaf’s Founder & CEO, Joel Mulkey, to join us for a … Read More