Bigleaf Rescues Vern Fonk’s Cloud Migration


Bigleaf has taken the guess work out of load balancing and network optimization. With several locations using different ISPs, it was quite a large task trying to accomplish this alone. Since we started using Bigleaf, we have had more time to focus on day-to-day tasks and to pursue new projects that have helped create more revenue for our organization.”
– Matt Olgiati, Vern Fonk Insurance

The Right Strategy That Needed Bigleaf

After Vern Fonk implemented Hosted VoIP and Virtual Desktop, they experienced low quality Internet connections and dropped VoIP calls that were impacting their revenue and customer service. Once Bigleaf solved Vern Fonk’s Internet issues, Vern Fonk was able to realize the full potential of their services.

About Vern Fonk

Vern Fonk is an independent insurance agency that represents more than 20 different insurance companies. They provide auto, homeowner and business insurance in Washington and Oregon. While Vern Fonk is known for their creative TV commercials, they attract customers with friendly and responsive service and competitive rates.



Challenges With Cloud Migration

Vern Fonk began acquiring small insurance agencies and moving them under Vern Fonk’s brand. After several acquisitions, they implemented Hosted VoIP and Virtual Desktop services across all of their agencies. Vern Fonk was a perfect candidate for cloud solutions because they needed:

• Scalable service for future growth

• Easy collaboration between their agencies

• Centralized support to manage their network

The Initial Strategy

The original cloud service implementation went well, but Vern Fonk soon began experiencing issues. Due to Internet connectivity challenges, calls were dropped and Virtual Desktop performance was inconsistent. Because Vern Fonk had moved several of their core business applications to the cloud, the stability of their Internet connections had taken on a whole new level of importance to their business. Internet degradation or downtime had become the equivalent of a power outage, with employees unable to perform core job functions.

The Follow-Up Strategy

With this understanding, Vern Fonk took what they believed to be the natural next step by installing backup connections and failover routers.

Unfortunately, the additional Internet connections and failover routers didn’t address all of their performance issues. The failover routers were capable of failing over only when their primary cable connection went down completely. Typically, those connections were not failing completely, but instead encountering significant packet loss, latency, jitter and throughput issues. Because the connections were not down completely (and thus the routers would not failover), Vern Fonk’s employees continued to experience poor VoIP call quality and Virtual Desktop sessions. When their cable connections did fail completely and the failover router moved traffic to the backup connection, the failover process required a new IP address, resulting in dropped VoIP calls at the time of the failover.

Over the first three months, Vern Fonk experienced 26 hours of downtime and estimated that the performance issues caused them to lose $88,000 in revenue and expenses.



How Bigleaf Solved Vern Fonk’s Cloud Problem

Vern Fonk implemented the right overall strategy for their business by migrating to scalable cloud applications. Their problem was that their cloud strategy failed to incorporate a sufficiently robust highway to the cloud, resulting in cloud applications that were not performing as intended. Bigleaf’s Multipath Internet Optimization service immediately fixed their cloud problem. Vern Fonk added Bigleaf to each location to automatically mitigate their VoIP and Virtual Desktop issues and improve service performance. Over the following three months, Bigleaf mitigated 3,122 issues lasting 1,718 hours across all of Vern Fonk’s ISP circuits.


The Bottom Line

Vern Fonk made the right strategic decisions for their business. They chose a cloud strategy for VoIP and Virtual Desktop so they could easily scale their business and realize efficiencies across all of their agencies. They deployed two Internet connections per site for redundancy. And they worked with excellent service providers to implement the solution.

Yet, Vern Fonk couldn’t realize the full value of their strategy because they were experiencing problems with their cloud connectivity. Bigleaf closed the final gap for them by building a more robust Internet platform, which is key to a successful VoIP/cloud deployment. After Bigleaf enabled Vern Fonk’s service to finally work as intended, they could once again focus their attention on protecting their clients.