As COVID-19 forces many essential services to instate work-from-home policies, Bigleaf is committed to helping those organizations provide their employees with reliable communications and application performance in their home office. In an effort to help, we have made a limited number of Bigleaf Home Office installations and service available free for 6 months to qualifying organizations in medical, education and other essential services verticals. If you or one of your clients falls into these essential services categories, apply for the free service here.

Bigleaf Home Office

Make sure your remote team members can reliably connect to their everyday business tools, as they work from home, without worry or poor performance. Use Bigleaf Home Office to keep non-business web traffic, such as streaming video and gaming, and less reliable residential Internet connections from impacting your business communications and applications.
Bigleaf Home Office is great for home office users who rely on Internet-based phone calls, video conferences, SaaS applications like Office 365, and who connect to their corporate office using their VPN.

Provide remote workers with reliable communications and application performance in their home offices

Based on Bigleaf’s SD-WAN technology for business sites, Bigleaf Home Office optimizes the traditional home Internet setup to auto-detect the needs of your business’ applications and existing network conditions. Then it intelligently adapts traffic in real time to ensure uninterrupted uptime and continued productivity.

Whether you are connecting one home office or several, Bigleaf makes it easy with simple on-site installation and intelligent hands-off operations to deliver high-quality and reliable Internet connectivity.


Bigleaf delivers simple setup without requiring complex configurations. A Bigleaf edge router is sent directly to each home office, works seamlessly with the existing ISP and broadband connection, and a typical install can be plugged in without the need for specialized IT resources.

Business Applications Prioritization Over Other Household Traffic

Intelligent software automatically identifies and categorizes 100% of your traffic in and out of your home office, determining which applications require prioritization — such as Internet-based phone calls and video conferences over streaming home entertainment. Bigleaf’s software then applies bi-directional QoS in real time, all without any manual configuration. That means your most important business applications get the VIP treatment when your teams are working remotely.

Redundancy and Outage Prevention

Bigleaf’s owned-and-operated Cloud-Access Gateway Network is fully redundant, with multiple core routers, servers, internet transit circuits, and core backbone circuits. All of our Points of Presence, or “POPs” connect across our dedicated backbone, so traffic between your home office and the core of the Internet is always protected. Beyond the core network, each home office with a Bigleaf router connects to multiple Bigleaf POPs at all times, for automatic geographic redundancy—delivering the best possible connectivity.

Visibility & Reporting

Bigleaf unlocks the hidden data from your home offices to the Cloud. You gain access to real-time and historical data from our SD-WAN software that monitors each of your home offices’ Internet connections 10x per second. Web dashboards, performance reports and email alerts are all available to deliver the insight you need to support your remote workers.

Bigleaf optimizes Cloud-based technology from the home office, including...

Business Communications 
  • VoIP 
  • UCaaS 
  • CCaaS 
  • Video Conferencing 
Office Productivity 
  • Office 365 
  • Google Suite 
  • Remote Desktop 
  • CRM 
  • IDaaS 
Industry/Supply Chain 
  • ERP 
  • Accounting 
  • Human Resources 

What to know about Bigleaf Home Office

  1. After ordering Bigleaf Home Office here, the pre-configured router(s) will be shipped to the home office address(es) provided, ready to be connected to the broadband service connected to the home office.  
  2. The home office user will receive an installation guide and instructions on how to set up their Bigleaf Home Office router. Instructions for different setup configurations will be available. For example, if they are using WiFi in their home, they will need a WiFi router that is separate from their ISP modem.  
  3. The home office user can begin enjoying more reliable and improved Internet-based communication and business application performance. 

Bigleaf Home Office is a month-to-month service. 

You are able to cancel your subscription. The setup and rental fee is non-refundable. If you end the service, the Bigleaf router must be returned.  Bigleaf does offer a risk free, 30-day money-back guarantee. Please contact for assistance for subscription cancellations or returns within 30-days.

No, each home office will need to connect to the Internet service selected for its respective location 

Yes, you’ll experience several benefits when using a single circuit, including our Dynamic QoS and advanced monitoring. If available in your area, you can also add a second Internet connection from a different ISP.  Using a second circuit will provide Same IP Address Failover and intelligent load balancing functionalityBigleaf Home Office works with LTE and 4G connections.  

The goal of the Bigleaf service is to provide the best possible performance with the available Internet resources (circuits), and to provide peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about Internet performance or uptime at each home office. Because of that you may see slower speed test results at times than you would without the Bigleaf service.  

The results of speed tests depend on various factors, including the performance of the circuit at that moment in timethe location of the server that the speed test connects to, and the overhead of the Bigleaf system network. The Bigleaf network takes up approximately 10% of the available speed on the circuit to monitor the traffic, and additional throughput reductions may occur if circuit performance is poor.  

However, if the home office circuit is working well you should generally see at least 90% of the rated speed of the circuit when performing a speed test (averaged over several tests). Additionally, in normal use with multiple traffic types (web browsing, email, VoIP, etc) your traffic will be evenly balanced across the circuit for the most efficient utilization. 

No, Bigleaf provides it as a rental while you’re paying for services. That way you don’t have to deal with warranties or maintenance packages. If you cancel your Bigleaf Home Office service, then the equipment will need to be shipped back to Bigleaf. 

You can connect the Bigleaf router to your integrated modem/router to access your Internet/broadband service. However, you will need a separate wireless access point to enable wi-fi capabilities in your house. Access point devices (aka wi-fi routers) can typically be purchased from stores like Best Buy and Amazon with prices that start as low as $60.