Bigleaf for Restaurants

Super connectivity powers that keep your restaurant online

Serve guests without disruption and never lose revenue to internet slow-downs or outages again.

Internet issues eat restaurant revenue like nobody’s business.

Modern restaurants are built on the internet, with online payments, ordering platforms, and back and front of house management tools. Internet slowdowns and outages are a quick way to disrupt the guest experience and 86 incoming revenue.

Bigleaf blends proven SD-WAN technology and intelligent software to monitor your internet connection health, diagnose problems, and fix them automatically to keep your internet flowing at full speed.

Never cross your fingers hoping a payment goes through again

Slow and failed payments are a burden on the customer experience, and frustrating for your staff. Bigleaf keeps your internet at peak performance for reliably speedy payments that keep guests happy and tables turning over quickly.

Keep all your ordering channels live and running at full capacity

Give every POS terminal, drive-thru headset, and digital ordering platform zero-delay connectivity to smooth operations and maximize throughput.

Get your IT team and internet provider phone numbers off speed dial

Our platform installs in minutes, intelligently adapts to your traffic and needs, and resolves connectivity issues on autopilot—so you can focus on creating exceptional guest experiences, not calling support.

Get the Bigleaf for Restaurants demo

Get a personalized walkthrough of how our intelligent platform optimizes internet performance for foodservice settings and technologies.

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