Internet Failover for Law Firms

A clear case for truly reliable connectivity

Deliver predictable performance that supports your digital transformation

As you build scalability and efficiency with new cloud- and internet-based technologies to better serve your clients, internet uptime is critical to keep day-to-day operations and long-term initiatives running smoothly and without fail. This is especially important when critical legal matters are on the line.

Use Bigleaf to ensure reliable client and staff experiences with the tools you’re using for real-time communications, consultations, research, case and document management, scheduling, time tracking, and billing.

Implement redundancy and resiliency

Manage the unpredictability of the internet by ensuring your connections can adapt to circuit issues and outages without constant oversight. When you set up Bigleaf, you’ll have multiple ways for your traffic to travel so it can route around circuit issues, self-driving AI to resolve issues before they impact user experience, and visibility into your traffic and circuit performance over the full internet path to speed up troubleshooting and keep you in the driver’s seat — all working together to minimize frustrations from lagging systems and unpredictable outages.

Build a foundation for operational efficiency

With Bigleaf, you can keep every cloud- and internet-based technology running smoothly — from your VoIP phones, video conferencing platform, case management tools, time-tracking, scheduling, and billing applications, and document and data backup — so your firm can focus on your clients and cases.

Keep your connections and protections

Bigleaf’s over-the-top solution delivers reliable connectivity while dropping into your existing infrastructure. It works with any carrier, any firewall, and connects you to any cloud- and internet-based technology you already work with, so you can maintain the systems you already have in place without change or compromise.

What kinds of legal organizations use Bigleaf?

  • Bar associations
  • Law firms
  • Legal services
  • Mediators
  • Risk management services



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