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Bigleaf for healthcare

Reliable connectivity ensures optimal patient experience

As healthcare clinics and offices migrate their technology stack to cloud- and internet-based technologies to better serve their patients, internet uptime is critical to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly and without fail. This is especially important when critical health matters are on the line.

Use Bigleaf to ensure optimal patient care experiences with real-time communications, appointment scheduling, electronic medical records (EMR) access and updates, prescription fulfillment and management, and telehealth engagements.

Keep focus on patient care

With Bigleaf, you can keep every cloud-based healthcare and office tool running smoothly—from your VoIP phones, EMR system, scheduling software, video call or telehealth platform, and billing system—so your providers can stay focused on their patients, not their technology.

Maintain PHI and HIPAA compliance

Bigleaf sits outside your firewall, as an over-the-top solution, so you can maintain the security tools and protocols you already have in place without change or compromise.

Keep everything up and running without on-site IT

Bigleaf is easy to install and manage, allowing the delivery of an ideal user experience across all your locations and all your applications, without the need for IT to set up or manage them in person.

What kinds of healthcare organizations use Bigleaf?

  • Medical offices and clinics 
  • Care services and facilities 
  • Senior living centers 
  • Medical transportation companies 



Why medical offices and care facilities rely on Bigleaf


Simplifying HIPAA compliance for healthcare providers


Streamlining HIPAA compliance with a "conduit-exempt" SD-WAN

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With Bigleaf, you can finally deliver truly reliability connectivity 

for every cloud- and internet-based technology for every user, over any ISP. 

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