Medical Network Optimization

Zero-delay connectivity for healthcare pros and practitioners

Better care for patients, communicate smoothly across locations and clinics, and never lose connection to your technologies and team again.

Bigleaf is preventative care, but for your internet connectivity.

Bigleaf blends proven SD-WAN tech and intelligent software to monitor your internet connection health, diagnose problems, and fix them automatically to keep your internet flowing at full speed. Our comprehensive solution ensures seamless connectivity for medical network optimization, allowing you to prioritize the well-being of your patients and community. We care for your internet connections, so you can focus on caring for your patients and community.

Never compromise your standard of care because the internet is slow again

Give patients the focus and speed they deserve by eliminating internet slowdowns and performance issues that disrupt the ability to provide telehealth, pull health records, schedule appointments, and manage billing.

Maintain PHI and HIPPAA compliance

Bigleaf’s medical SD-WAN solutions and technology sit outside your firewall, so you can maintain the security tools and protocols you already have in place without complex changes or inconvenient compromise.

Keep business operations running smoothly, without on-site IT

Our intelligent platform installs in minutes, adapts to your traffic and needs without manual programming, and resolves connectivity issues automatically in real-time—no on-site IT expertise necessary.

Get the Bigleaf for Healthcare demo

Get a personalized walkthrough for how our intelligent platform optimizes internet performance for healthcare organizations and technologies.

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