Bigleaf Networks Becomes the #1 Publicly Peered SD-WAN Provider in the US

Bigleaf joins the largest Internet Exchange on the West Coast, Any2 California. With presence on Any2 and other exchanges, Bigleaf leads the SD-WAN market in direct peering connections to Cloud, Internet, and Application providers
PORTLAND, OR–May 3, 2016 — Bigleaf Networks, the intelligent SD-WAN service that optimizes Internet and cloud performance by dynamically choosing the best connection and adapting QoS in real-time, today announced it has completed turn-up of a peering connection to the Any2 California Internet Peering Exchange. This new exchange presence adds to Bigleaf’s presence on the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), Equinix Internet Exchange, and New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX). Bigleaf’s unique dedicated backbone and peering presence makes Bigleaf the most diversely peered SD-WAN provider on public exchanges in the US. Bigleaf is dedicated to promoting global Internet health through strong public peering. With an open peering policy, and datacenter presence at major regional peering exchanges, Bigleaf’s redundant network provides market-leading latency and performance. “Operating our own redundant, highly peered network backbone is crucial for us to provide the best possible cloud connectivity to our customers. With the addition of Any2 California to our peering routes, we now have direct connections to major cloud and Internet providers in every datacenter where we host gateway clusters.” Said Joel Mulkey, Founder and CEO of Bigleaf. Bigleaf’s plug-and-play managed service offering includes:
  • Intelligent load-balancing across multiple Internet paths from different ISPs
  • Quality-of-Service (QoS) capability to prioritize VoIP and other latency-sensitive traffic over commodity Internet
  • Same IP failover capability to allow for uninterrupted VoIP and virtual desktop sessions while moving between circuits
  • Real-time intelligence on circuit latency, packet loss, jitter and throughput
Bigleaf’s patent-pending service uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology on preconfigured routers over a distributed architecture. The two components — a premise-based router at a customer’s site and gateway clusters in Bigleaf’s core network — work together to provide optimal connectivity to the cloud. To learn more about Bigleaf’s technology, click here.
About Bigleaf Networks
Bigleaf Networks is the intelligent networking service that optimizes Internet and cloud performance by dynamically choosing the best connection based on real-time usage and diagnostics. Inspired by the natural architecture of leaves, the Bigleaf platform leverages redundant connections for optimal traffic re-routing, failover and load-sharing. The company is dedicated to providing a better Internet experience and ensuring peace of mind with simple implementation, friendly support and powerful technology. Founded in 2012, Bigleaf Networks is investor-backed, offering nationwide service. To learn more, visit or talk to Bigleaf at 1-888-244-3133..
Contact: Jeff Burchett (503) 523-3412 * Public exchange presence and peering data determined from public sources including global IP routing tables and peering exchange membership lists

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