Customer / Employee Experience

Customer & Employee Network Expirience 

Customer / Employee Experience

Your technology is part of your brand

The reliability of the technologies your business depend on everyday plays no small part in the overall experience your employees and customers have with your brand. Do customer service calls ever drop or sound garbled? Do your credit card machines go down sometimes? They’ll notice. 

Automatically resolve issues before they impact anyone

Bigleaf’s self-driving artificial intelligence identifies changes in circuit performance and technology needs and instantly adapts to prevent disruptions, so your employees and customers are never affected by network performance issues. 

Deliver ideal experiences from the start

Bigleaf autodetects any applications that are spun up on the network and automatically classifies and prioritizes them, including ones you didn’t even know anyone was using. You don’t need to spend hours writing, testing, and updating policies to ensure every application your business is using is working optimally from the start.

Make your customer service and sales calls sing

VoIP and video calls are especially sensitive to common network issues, like jitter, packet loss and latency, that can impact the quality of your teams’ communications. With Bigleaf, you get reliable connectivity that keeps your most important calls and meetings working well.

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See how you can deliver truly reliable connectivity for any cloud- and internet-based technology, over any ISP. 



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