Easy Install

Easy Install

Since Bigleaf sits outside of your existing firewall it’s super easy to install and doesn’t change your security strategy. Bigleaf looks just like a normal internet connection to your firewall. There’s no NAT or proxying, and you don’t have to disable any firewall features.

90-second Install

Check out our VP of Sales installing Bigleaf in less than 90 seconds! While this is a typical install, if you have any VPNs or DNS entries to update, or if you’re installing our high-availability config, you should plan for a little more time.

Install Guide

Here’s a PDF version of the install guide we provide with each router: Bigleaf Install Guide. It gives you an idea of how to prep for the install and what the process is like.

Data Sheet

For details on the Bigleaf router and its associated services, download the Bigleaf Edge Router Datasheet.