Ensure continuous uptime & optimal performance of your mission-critical cloud technologies

Create Healthy Digital Experiences for Patients & Staff with Bigleaf SD-WAN

As you rely on more and more on cloud and internet technologies, such as Zoom, cloud EMRs, and Office 365, you need to make sure they run without disruption or delay. 

With Bigleaf, an Al-powered site-to-cloud connectivity platform, you can minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance of these critical technologies to deliver high-quality patient care and run your day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively. 

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Stay Focused on Patient Care 

Quality patient care depends on uptime. Whether you’re using VoIP, a cloud EMR system, scheduling software, billing systems, or other internet and SaaS tools, Bigleaf ensures that these tools operate as you need them to so you can stay focused on your patients, not on how well your technology works.

Enhance Satisfaction and Productivity

By mitigating issues like slow Internet connections and awful call quality, you will improve your patients’ experience and satisfaction while also improving the productivity of your staff.

Maintain PHI and HIPAA Compliance 

Bigleaf’s router sits outside your firewall, so you don’t have to disable any of its features or change existing configurations, making it easy for you to maintain the integrity of the security tools and protocols you already have in place.

Deliver Truly Reliable Connectivity with Bigleaf

Bigleaf is a new kind of networking foundation that combines proven SD-WAN technologies with groundbreaking AI software. It automatically classifies and prioritizes application traffic, and steers it around internet issues, all without the need for policies. With Bigleaf, you don’t need to worry about your cloud applications going down. The site-to-cloud Bigleaf connectivity platform delivers truly resilient, enterprise-grade access to your most important resources and empowers worry-free productivity that keeps your teams and patients happy. You can keep your healthcare organization operating smoothly for every user, on every app, over any ISP.

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