How It Works

How It Works

“It just works” internet connectivity, made simple

Bigleaf ensures your internet connectivity works optimally so you can focus on serving your customers, guests, clients, and patients. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Installation

Plug all your internet connections into the Bigleaf router

Install the Bigleaf router at each of your locations. Routers come pre-configured without the need for manual policies or rule selection so setup takes minutes, not days.

“It was ready to go, out of the box.”
— Thomas Denning, OzWest Inc.

Step 2: Join our network

Connect to the Bigleaf Cloud Access Network

Point your existing firewall’s IP address, subnet mask, and gateway to match your Bigleaf circuit details. This grants you access to our dedicated backbone network.

“We couldn’t have asked for a simpler solution. Bigleaf was easily integrated into the existing network edge.”
— John Pentlin, TruHome

Step 3: Let Bigleaf run

Bigleaf understands your network and resolves issues automatically

Bigleaf immediately self-configures to optimize for your circuit conditions and traffic makeup, then resolves problems as they arise in real-time—no manual policy writing required.

“Our team gets to focus on finding innovative new solutions for DP Fox’s growing business landscape instead of playing whack-a-mole with Internet issues.”
— Grant Zondervan, DP Fox

Step 4: Empower your team

Give back dozens of hours to your IT team and focus on bigger goals

Detailed performance reports, risk alerts, and troubleshooting tools give your IT team everything they need to manage your connections through the Bigleaf Web Dashboard.

“Bigleaf saves my IT team so much time. Instead of spending hours troubleshooting and resolving problems, we can look at the Bigleaf Web Dashboard to identify and address the source of a faulty connection.”
— Director of Infrastructure and Operations, Hanna Andersson

Seems simple? It really is.

See Bigleaf in action

Discover how simple it is to get started and say goodbye to connectivity issues forever.

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