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Bigleaf Wireless Connect

Always on, always optimized—your lifeline for uninterrupted internet

Fully experience the unparalleled benefits of Bigleaf’s network optimization SD-WAN when you add Bigleaf Wireless Connect to your business sites. It’s a perfect pairing that helps to ensure you never miss a beat in your business operations.
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More than your typical backup solution

Featuring a dual-SIM, LTE router powered with a high-speed data plan, Bigleaf Wireless Connect seamlessly integrates with the Bigleaf SD-WAN router and service. Together, they help your business minimize downtime and ensure your internet and cloud applications run optimally, even when your internet doesn’t. 

  • Internet redundancy powered by Bigleaf’s same-IP address failover
  • Optimal application performance powered by real-time circuit monitoring, dynamic QoS, and intelligent load balancing
  • Actionable insight into the traffic performance of your Wireless Connect circuit, along with up to 3 other connections, all in a single pane of glass

Where dependability meets simplicity

Ensure business continuity and productivity with this easy to implement and manage solution—all conveniently from Bigleaf Networks. Safeguard your operations and enjoy peace of mind without the complexity of contract and billing management and support from multiple vendors. 

  • LTE router shipped pre-configured for the Bigleaf SD-WAN router with carrier-activated 4g LTE plan
  • No overage fees
  • Convenient single-vendor billing and contract management
  • Fast and easy setup

Support for your success

Bigleaf’s top-rated technical support team is available 24/7 to help with questions and needs for both your Bigleaf SD-WAN and Wireless Connect services.

Seems simple? It really is.

Bigleaf Wireless Connect has plans for businesses who require:

Backup failover: Consistent uptime when primary connection experiences an outage.

Active-active load balancing: Reliable connectivity and uptime for specific, mission-critical applications.

Connectivity in underserved areas: High-speed internet connection in locations where there are limited carrier or circuit-type options.

Just-in-time internet connection: Immediate internet services, such as sites awaiting installation of wired lines or areas with damaged infrastructure.

Ready for always on, always optimized connectivity?

Learn how Wireless Connect conveniently delivers business-ready internet and ensures business continuity. 

Introducing Bigleaf Wireless Connect