Bigleaf Scales Up Cloud-based Networking with Microsoft

When I founded Bigleaf 6 years ago, I did it to make life better for the people I saw overwhelmed with connectivity problems hindering their cloud migrations. This was not a problem other innovators were focused on, so creating a solution appeared a bit contrarian in a world focused on MPLS and private connectivity. As our founding team came together, we predicted traditional private network based architectures would give way to a cloud-first and service-first world. Today, that shift has become reality for a vast and growing number of businesses.

The move in technology consumption from corporate-mandated to consumer-driven means networks need a new strategy. Where manually-built fine-grained policies once dominated, now intelligent software must make network changes in real time to adapt to changing needs and environments. It’s a shift in purchasing, delivery and architecture that requires a whole new way of thinking about networking. Bigleaf was built from the ground up for this new strategy. We’re ahead of the game a bit, on the leading edge, but we’re not the only ones who see it.

Microsoft sees that shift, too.

We’re excited to announce that Microsoft has invited Bigleaf to join its invite-only ScaleUp Accelerator Program. Microsoft ScaleUp is an immersive collaboration with successful companies like ours that offers access to sales, marketing and technical support around Microsoft’s enterprise technologies, as well as expanded joint go-to-market opportunities. As part of ScaleUp, we’ll sell side by side with Microsoft’s sales teams and have our solutions listed on the Azure Marketplace.

When our team works day to day writing software, we too often fail to notice how revolutionary the work we’re doing is. We’ve built a platform that does amazing things, improving people’s lives and solving huge problems. Customers love it. Partners love selling it. And it just so happens that Microsoft is building their own applications in this mirror. Bigleaf is aligned with Microsoft’s vision and the needs of its Azure, Office365, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams customers.

From day one, everything we built was created for businesses that don’t have the IT resources to manage a lumbering, policy-driven, private network. Our customers have giant needs but require a nimble and smart network that is built for this new cloud-based world. They’ve become the hidden enterprises of IT — stuck in the messy middle between enterprise aspiration and SMB challenge.

Joel Mulkey - CEO & Founder - Bigleaf Networks
Joel Mulkey
CEO & Founder
Bigleaf Networks

These are businesses that are creating jobs and feeding families. They can do it better than ever today because of the proliferation of the cloud and all that it enables. That growth, though, hits a roadblock when these companies inevitably must deal with their Internet provider’s service going down without warning or the complexity of managing multiple connectivity paths across their decentralized locations. We remove that uncertainty and complexity. We believe they can have rock solid connectivity that doesn’t require a full time IT staff.

Our unique view of where networking is headed starts to feel a lot less contrarian when it aligns with the same future a company like Microsoft sees.

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