In March of 2015, Bigleaf made its semi-official channel launch at the Channel Partners show in Las Vegas. SD-WAN wasn’t much of “a thing” at that time. Hardcore network engineers had been following the trends, but SD-WAN’s reach was fairly limited. We went into that show with messaging crafted around “Internet Optimization for the Cloud”. While the message itself was well received, we spent the next year fighting to explain what we do and why partners should care.

Well, things have changed dramatically in a very short period of time. For those of you who were at the 2017 Channel Partners show last month, you know that SD-WAN is not only “a thing” but its “the thing” that everyone is talking about. All of a sudden there is a lot noise, a lot of opinions, a lot of excitement, and… a lot of confusion.

While all movement and excitement is great for Bigleaf, we’ve seen that its been challenging for our channel partners. With so many options and information, partners are constantly asking us “How is Bigleaf different?”, “Where does Bigleaf help?”, “When should I use Bigleaf?”.

So, to help clear up some of that confusion and help our partners better understand where Bigleaf fits in the SD-WAN landscape, we’ve put together the following “Cloud-First” video. This video will help cut through the SD-WAN noise and clutter, helping partners see what makes Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN both unique and vital to any cloud strategy.

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