On August 30th, CenturyLink/Level 3 experienced a widespread internet outage lasting nearly 5 hours. This not only impacted their network and their direct customers, but it also affected many other ISPs and services that either directly or indirectly connected to their network.

Each year, there are numerous notable internet disruptions like this which bring businesses to a grinding halt. In just the past few months Comcast has experienced widespread outage and AT&T internet service was interrupted or slowed throughout Florida.

Events like these affect those relying on cloud-based applications and video-based communications to maintain day-to-day operations and serve their customer base. They reveal the increased power and indispensability of these tools for business and highlight the importance of internet performance — frequently shining a spotlight on poor WAN performance. This can cost a business much more than the $5,600 per minute for a network outage Gartner estimated back in 2014.

While outages are show stopping, they can still be considered relatively rare, but jittery VoIP, flaky video calls, or lagging ERP and point-of-sale tools are not — significantly affecting productivity and the bottom line each day. Depending on the size and nature your operation, poor network performance in these instances can cost hundreds or even thousands per minute.

It is an ongoing challenge for businesses who rely on the internet to keep mission-critical operations running smoothly, especially as more tools are regularly spun up as needed at the department, team, or even user level without IT involvement. And as adoption of cloud-based applications and SaaS solutions increases, traditional networks become more complex and difficult to manage. Network engineers and IT teams are increasingly strained by dynamic technology stacks (cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid) and a workforce that is more geographically dispersed.

A Smarter Way to Operate Your Network

Bigleaf offers a cloud-first SD-WAN solution that improves network efficiency, optimizes IT resources, and helps you create a more resilient and dependable network that your mission critical applications can rely on.

We make it easy to build a transparent, worry-free network that unburdens IT resources from cumbersome network management tasks and support calls. With our intelligent software, owned and operated Cloud Access Network, 99.99% SLA-backed uptime, tier one support, and firewall-friendly design, Bigleaf helps IT teams more easily deliver solid internet and Cloud app performance in an uncertain environment.

Bigleaf recognizes tech stacks constantly evolve. Apps are deployed and retired almost daily because different users have different requirements. If a webinar presenter is dissatisfied with one video conferencing tool, you can be sure they’ll deploy a different one next time. These types of changes don’t need to be a four-alarm fire that require the IT department to make manual SD-WAN configuration changes for QoS and firewall compatibility. Bigleaf’s intelligent solution makes it easy for businesses to scale and adjust to changes, in many cases automatically, while maintaining uptime and performance.

These technologies represent investments that business need to see pay off every day. That requires reliable performance at headquarters, branch offices, and home offices no matter what tools are being used. Bigleaf meets those needs with redundant, dependable SD-WAN that’s smarter than your average network architecture.

By keeping the network steady for the technology that powers your business, you can rest easy knowing VoIP won’t fail during an all-hands conference call, video won’t get jittery or freeze during the next big sales presentation, and sales and inventory transactions go through every time.

To learn more about Bigleaf’s intelligent networking solution from a real-world perspective, watch this webinar — Creating a Resilient Network: Q&A with Lionakis IT Director Matthew Onken.

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