[Infographic] Plugging into profits: rewiring brick and mortar retail

Brick and mortar retail has undergone a seismic shift, compelled to adapt in response to the pervasive rise and demand for eCommerce. Businesses are adapting both by recalibrating how they operate their physical locations and by adopting their own ecommerce strategies. They are approaching both methods by leveraging technology.   

More than ever, everything is in the retail space is connected, and there’s also more to connect than ever before. Retail businesses have revamped their in-store atmospheres, emphasizing personalization, interactive displays, and in-store events to engage customers seeking more than mere transactions. They’ve also restructured their systematic operations by incorporating handheld devices, scan-and-go technology, and loyalty programs.   

Our infographic below shows exactly what retailers are investing in to ensure their bottom line stays healthy and their customers stay happy. What this also uncovers is their heavy dependence on network connectivity and what happens when their network fails. 

With the knowledge that over $4 trillion passes through US cash registers annually, let’s take a closer look at exactly how brick and mortar retail is being rewired. 

Learn how Bigleaf can protect your retail business today while preparing it for a successful tomorrow.

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