Every hero needs a great villain. This month, the world finally met Bigleaf’s nemesis at Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas. Its name? The Circuit Destroyer.

The Circuit Destroyer is Bigleaf’s evil twin, a router that’s been modified to make internet connections perform badly. With the Circuit Destroyer, we’re able to simulate not only outages, but any level of throughput, packet loss, latency and jitter. That means we can replicate the internet conditions that our customers face every day. Then we can show exactly how Bigleaf’s SD-WAN deals with those conditions to ensure uninterrupted application availability and performance.

Our CEO and Founder, Joel Mulkey, was on hand at the event to demo Bigleaf vs the Circuit Destroyer. Lucky for us, the cameras were rolling… 

Does it feel like you’ve got a Circuit Destroyer in your internet? Request a 30-minute demo today and learn how Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN can improve your internet and provide seamless performance for all of your applications. 

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