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Empower your business with uninterrupted connectivity

Bigleaf is synonymous with optimized network connectivity and known for seamless failover in the event of a service outage, brownout, or other instability. We take your connectivity very seriously and want to make sure your business experiences minimal downtime, so your teams continue to run productively. With our new Bigleaf Wireless Connect service, we’re providing a new way to help you stay connected to your customers and your applications.

What is Bigleaf Wireless Connect?

Bigleaf Wireless Connect provides 4G LTE cellular plans delivered through a dual-SIM mobile router. Designed to work with Bigleaf’s routers, Wireless Connect can be added to any Bigleaf service plan to work with your primary connection to provide business continuity.

Both 20 GB and 100 GB plans are available. The 20 GB is designed for failover, allowing you to take advantage of Bigleaf’s often-replicated-but-never-duplicated same-IP address failover, ensuring sensitive session-based calls, like VoIP and video conferences stay online even during internet outages. The 100 GB plan can be set for backup failover, or it can be set to load balance specific traffic classes to increase application reliability and performance.

Photo of Bigleaf BLR-108 router and LTE router for Bigleaf Wireless Connect

Why Bigleaf Wireless Connect?

There are many wireless connectivity solutions already available in the market today, from unlimited data plans to Cradlepoint routers. The good news is that most of these options can already be paired with Bigleaf to deliver connectivity and failover. However, our customers have shared with us that evaluating, acquiring, and managing these additional products and services from multiple vendors is time consuming and an administrative chore.

With Wireless Connect, we’ve brought together a mobile router and the option of two straightforward data plans that can be added on to any Bigleaf service plan, whether it’s a new deployment or for a site with Bigleaf already in place. These plans are set up so there will never be any overage fees. Wireless Connect is also managed by Bigleaf, which means service agreements, billing, and technical support are all handled by our team—eliminating the extra time and effort often needed to work with additional vendors.

Your business can’t run without internet, and Wireless Connect presents an affordable, easy, and effective solution to ensuring uninterrupted connectivity across multiple sites, with:

  • A secondary connection that enables application performance optimization and downtime mitigation through Bigleaf’s same IP failover, real-time circuit monitoring, dynamic QoS, and intelligent load balancing
  • Convenient, single-vendor billing
  • No overage fees
  • Plug-and-play setup for reliable, high-speed 4G LTE connectivity
  • Dual SIM support for multiple-carrier coverage options
  • 24×7 one-stop, top-rated technical support

When to Install Bigleaf Wireless Connect?

Bigleaf Wireless Connect delivers high-speed, wireless internet that is ideal to ensure business continuity, especially in areas where wired ISP options may be limited.

Wireless Connect is also ideal when you need a “just-in-time” internet connection, like when you’re setting up a new office and waiting for your wired lines to be installed. Wireless Connect plans ship with pre-provisioned hardware equipped with pre-installed SIM cards and your selected data plan already activated for quick setup and connectivity. Then, as soon as your primary circuits are connected, Wireless Connect can immediately become your secondary, failover, or line for load balancing line.

Dependability meets simplicity

This business-ready internet will keep your applications running flawlessly, ensuring high productivity, with plug-and-play simplicity. As a hassle-free solution for any business that needs affordable failover and redundancy, or as a stopgap for businesses awaiting a wired installation.

Bigleaf Wireless Connect isn’t just a backup solution; it’s a lifeline for your business operations. Minimize downtime worries, safeguard your operations, keep your applications running smoothly, and ensure your team stays productive.

Learn more about how Bigleaf Wireless Connect can benefit your business today!  

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