VoIP and UCaaS

Pregnant woman in telehealth session on a laptop

Telehealth patient experience depends on a healthy internet connection

Virtual medicine, including telehealth, started to take hold in healthcare organizations long before 2020, but its use was limited by state regulations, insurance rules, and preference to specific medical specialties and situations. Technology was also a limiting factor until recently. … Read More

Ensuring Superior VoIP and UCaaS Session Quality for Kinect Communications with Bigleaf

Discover how Kinect Communications bolsters VoIP and UCaaS session integrity with Bigleaf’s SD-WAN, enhancing connectivity even during peak bandwidth demands. … Read More

VoIP provider credits Bigleaf for 42% revenue increase

After more than 15 years of integrating and installing advanced VoIP and UCaaS systems, Charlie Slaughter discovered Bigleaf Networks during the pandemic.   “I had all my kids back home and we were all quarantining in the same household,” he explained. … Read More

For a better customer experience, focus on network health

I just celebrated my first 100 days as Bigleaf’s CMO. Before joining this company, I worked in the restaurant tech industry, but I’ve spent most of my career in the world of unified communications and contact centers. I developed and … Read More

Starlink satellite compared to SD-WAN

[Video] Starlink comparison against fiber, cable, LTE, and GEO Sat, plus static IP via SD-WAN

Recently Bigleaf founder Joel Mulkey got hold of the latest high-speed, low-latency, low-earth orbit (LEO) technology, Starlink. He conducted a hands-on comparison of how the technology performs against fiber, cable, LTE, GEO Sat & static IP via SD-WAN. See how … Read More

Dynamic QoS automatically prioritizes your important internet traffic.

What Is Dynamic QoS? Prioritize internet traffic intelligently & seamlessly

SaaS, cloud, and internet technology users rejoice – thanks to Bigleaf Dynamic QoS, your business-critical applications will still perform seamlessly no matter what’s going on in the background.  Networking is a distinct territory within IT with equally distinct jargon to … Read More

7 ways to increase your business’s internet uptime

In today’s world, one of the easiest and most common ways for a business to lose money — through lost sales, decreased employee productivity, or frustrated customers — is for the internet to go down in any of its offices or locations. Because most of the important applications businesses depend … Read More

Why uptime is critical for healthcare and how to increase yours

Effective and efficient patient care depend on uptime  In today’s medical offices and clinics, many of the applications and technologies you rely on are now cloud- and internet-based. There are numerous advantages to this for you and your patients, but … Read More

How Microsoft Teams performs with and without Bigleaf’s SD-WAN

Video call quality has become business-critical  It’s become abundantly clear how fragile and finicky video calls can be, which is to say that sometimes they aren’t abundantly clear at all. Odds are, you’ve been on countless calls where someone’s audio was garbled … Read More

Why medical offices and care facilities rely on Bigleaf

Healthcare is moving to the cloud  More and more of the day-to-day operations of the typical medical office, assisted living facility, clinic, and care facility rely on the internet. They’re turning to cloud-based tools to more efficiently and effectively connect providers, patients, and data.  Patient medical records and communications are being managed digitally. Phone … Read More

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