In a crowded and sometimes confusing SD-WAN market, it’s easy for partners and end-users to get lost in the mix. Every SD-WAN vendor has its strengths and unique value. But all the hyperbole and marketing terminology makes it hard to choose the right SD-WAN for your needs.

We want to try something different…

That’s why we partnered with WatchGuard for a 60-minute webinar titled SD-WAN: One Size Doesn’t Fit All. In this presentation Bigleaf’s Co-founder, Jeff Burchett, and WatchGuard VP of Product Management, Brendan Patterson, walked through the most common use cases for SD-WAN and how to choose the right solution for each of them. They covered:

  • What SD-WAN technology is and why it matters
  • How SD-WAN is used in example use cases
  • Which SD-WAN scenarios you need to consider before deploying
  • How to make SD-WAN work for your business needs

As an industry-leading security vendor, Bigleaf has partnered with WatchGuard as part of their WatchGuardONE program. But, WatchGuard also offers their own SD-WAN functionality. That dynamic of coopetition presented a unique opportunity to drop the hype and simply present you with two completely different approaches to SD-WAN—each with its own use cases and benefits.

You can watch the full recording any time. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to learn more about Bigleaf and/or WatchGuard’s approach to SD-WAN, contact us today.

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