Same & Single IP Failover

SD-WAN Features

Bigleaf’s intelligent SD-WAN features auto-detect your application needs and adapts in real-time to internet performance and connectivity issues before they impact your business. That means, unlike traditional policy-based SD-WAN solutions, Bigleaf gives you the uptime and performance you need without the complexity and risk of manual configuration.

Same IP address failover

Your IP addresses, in the cloud

As far as your network is concerned, Bigleaf becomes your new ISP. Your underlying Internet circuits are abstracted away, so your network doesn’t have to concern itself with changing IP addresses.

This works because before your traffic traverses the path between our gateway clusters and your building, we encapsulate each packet in a tunnel. This encapsulation enables us to provide you with static public IP addresses that don’t change when your traffic moves between ISP connections. You can use Bigleaf IP addresses, or if you have your own portable block we can route that for you. We don’t NAT or proxy your traffic, so every application works as intended.

Why does this matter? Because with Bigleaf, when one of your Internet circuits has an outage, you don’t. Your IP address doesn’t change. Your VPN, remote desktop session, SSH session, VoIP call, Web Presentation, and every other application stays up!

Last-mile internet redundancy

For maximum reliability you should use at least 2 ISP connections. The benefit of this is that you’re insulated from many issues. In addition, we recommend that you use physically diverse paths coming in to your building from unique providers, such as: fiber and cable, DSL and fixed-wireless, or T1 and cable, that way you’ll have the ultimate in Internet redundancy.

You'll be protected from
  • Cable cuts near your building, from construction, car crashes, maintenance gone wrong, or anything else
  • Routing issues on any of your Internet circuits
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on any of your Internet circuits
  • Peering issues or disputes that could otherwise disconnect you from parts of the Internet
  • Network instability one of your provider’s networks
  • Packet loss due to overloaded circuits

Every trouble-prone part of your Internet path is covered by Bigleaf redundancy, and yet we still provide you with a user-friendly single handoff to plug in to your firewall or router.

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