Video Conferencing

Video conferencing

Put an end to choppy and dropped video conference calls

Video conferencing platforms have quickly become something businesses rely on every day. Unfortunately, they can be sensitive to circuit conditions, so issues like lagging video, audio that’s hard to understand, and dropped calls may occur when your internet connection is performing poorly.

Provide a worry-free video conference experience, regardless of platform

No matter what video conferencing platform you pay for, your users could be invited to calls on ANY platform. So your network needs the flexibility to provide QoS and failover for over 100 different platforms at the drop of a hat. And if you work for an IT-lean business, odds are you don’t have the time or resources to manually configure policies for every new video conferencing platform. That’s why Bigleaf’s self-driving AI is built to identify and adapt to any new applications and technologies without user intervention.

Mitigate latency, packet loss, and jitter before they ruin the big call

With Bigleaf, your circuits are monitored 10 times per second for latency, packet loss, and jitter — the things most likely to wreak havoc on a video call — and your sensitive video traffic is automatically directed down the best path at any given moment. You’ll also be issued a dedicated IP block that never changes, allowing your video traffic to automatically move between two paths at any time, routing around circuit performance issues without interruption. 

Stay in control of your users’ video conference experience

Bigleaf will automatically manage your ISP connections for you, but when analyzing any kind of problem, you will want visibility into your network’s health. Bigleaf’s Web Dashboard gives you the visibility and insights you need to understand what kind of experience your users are having with your video conferencing platform — and to troubleshoot and fix any issues before you hear about them. 

Bigleaf is ideal for any video conferencing provider, including:

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