Network Performance Report and Monitoring

SD-WAN Features

Bigleaf’s intelligent SD-WAN features auto-detect your application needs and adapts in real-time to internet performance and connectivity issues before they impact your business. That means, unlike traditional policy-based SD-WAN solutions, Bigleaf gives you the uptime and performance you need without the complexity and risk of manual configuration.

Visibility and Reporting

Bigleaf unlocks the hidden data on the WAN path from your business to the Cloud. You gain access to real-time and historical data from our SD-WAN software that monitors each of your Internet connections 10 times per second.

Web Dashboard

This multi-tenant web dashboard provides customers, IT consultants, and Bigleaf partners visibility needed to troubleshoot WAN or Internet issues, evaluate bandwidth/speed adjustments, and understand the impact of network performance on application experience. This data includes statistics, graphs, and events about the performance of Bigleaf services and ISP connections.

screen shot of Bigleaf web dashboard
Performance Reports

Performance reports provide a simple executive-summary view of the benefits of Bigleaf’s service, and the performance of each ISP circuit at your business location(s). This data provides a clear view for business leaders, CIOs, and IT directors to understand the impact that Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN service has on the business uptime and productivity.

Risk Monitoring

Bigleaf Risk Monitoring goes beyond reporting on individual network events—like your latency spiking every few seconds—and takes the aggregate of your network health and performance metrics to isolate critical events that pose a threat to your business and site’s continuity or uptime. Through email notifications and the Bigleaf web dashboard, you will receive contextualized and interpreted patterns or conditions about your network status, an explanation of the issue, and a path to resolution for your risks.

screen shot of risk monitoring on web dashboard

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