VPN Enhancement

VPN Enhancement With Bigleaf

Bigleaf is the perfect SD-WAN foundation for every site-to-site VPN. Bigleaf adds seamless-failover, intelligent routing, and QoS over broadband to your existing VPNs.

SD-WAN with Trusted Security

In a Bigleaf-enhanced VPN deployment, you gain the benefits of SD-WAN while your security is provided by established brands you know and have trusted for many years. Bigleaf is the perfect SD-WAN foundation for your Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Watchguard, Sonicwall, Barracuda, or any other VPN. With Bigleaf, you don’t have to replace your firewalls or disable features. Even though the on-site Bigleaf router sits outside the secure zones of the firewall, it still provides seamless Same-IP Failover and Dynamic QoS (even for traffic inside the VPNs).

Plug-and-Play, Outside the Firewall

Bigleaf typically takes 5-10 minute to install at each location. You simply drop-in our on-site router between the existing firewall and the ISP connections. Once you update your public IP addressing on the firewall and re-connect any remote site VPNs, you’re done! There’s no need for complex security policies, and nothing changes on the LAN. Since Bigleaf sits outside of the firewall it makes security conversations easy, including PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Bigleaf Directs VPN Traffic

Bigleaf optimizes VPN tunnel traffic to improve stability and performance. Bigleaf will:

  • Ensure the VPN rides the most stable ISP connection
  • Fail-over VPN tunnels when necessary (during both full outages and brownouts) without dropping the VPN sessions
  • Prioritize critical traffic within the VPN tunnels, through coordinated packet marking
  • Prioritize the VPN tunnel traffic above other traffic like Microsoft patch updates, YouTube streaming, web browsing, and FTP
  • Provide all this functionality over commodity broadband ISPs with variable bandwidth, like cable

With Bigleaf you can move away from an expensive and slow MPLS network to take advantage of cost savings, WAN redundancy and more ubiquitous connectivity options. Then when you’re ready to migrate to cloud-based services, the Bigleaf SD-WAN platform is the perfect tool to optimize those applications across the internet.

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