Network Failover Forwarding, Optimization with VPN & Traffic Shaping

Prioritize your VPN traffic — and traffic within your VPN

With Bigleaf, your VPN tunnel traffic will automatically be prioritized over things like Microsoft patch updates, YouTube streaming, web browsing, and FTP. And it can even prioritize important traffic within your VPN tunnels through coordinated packet marking — all without hours and hours of policy writing, testing, and updating. 

Automatically fail over without dropping VPN sessions

When there’s an outage affecting the circuit your VPN traffic is on, Bigleaf same-IP failover will automatically move the VPN to another circuit without changing the IP address or dropping the VPN tunnel. That way, your users’ VPN sessions won’t drop, and business can continue uninterrupted. 

Keep your existing security in place

Adding Bigleaf is simple. Your Bigleaf edge router sits between your existing firewall and ISP connections, existing entirely outside of your LAN. You don’t have to replace your firewalls or disable any of their features. Bigleaf is flexible and simple to deploy to all of your sites. 

Get the insight you need to deliver reliable connectivity

Bigleaf will automatically manage your ISP connections for you, but when analyzing any kind of problem, you will want visibility into your network’s health. Bigleaf’s Web Dashboard with reports and alerts gives you all the circuit performance and application traffic data you need to stay in the driver’s seat. You’ll get actionable data and recommendations to ensure a reliable user experience for every cloud- and internet-based technology. 

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See how you can deliver truly reliable connectivity for any cloud- and internet-based technology, over any ISP. 



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