Bigleaf Networks Adds Virginia Data Center Alley PoP

Expands capacity and connectivity for customers and MSPs connecting to major cloud providers

BEAVERTON, OR, OCTOBER 21, 2021 — Bigleaf Networks is flipping the switch on its newest point of presence, part of an aggressive expansion project that is doubling the capacity of its owned-and-operated backbone platform. The new PoP, Bigleaf’s 12th worldwide, is located in Ashburn, Va.

Ashburn is often referred to as Data Center Alley. It is the most densely populated data center peering point in the United States. More than 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic passes through its colocation and interconnection infrastructure.

“We’ve had a significant volume of requests from customers for a northern Virginia PoP,” said Jonathan Petkevich, vice president of product and development at Bigleaf Networks. “A big part of what’s driving these requests is the ongoing shift to the cloud and a resulting need to have an even closer peering presence with Microsoft Azure and AWS US East 1A-D.”

The new PoP supports Bigleaf’s customers, including the growing number of MSPs who have played a large role in Bigleaf’s success. Establishing the new PoP will bring applications and data closer to users and create a more resilient distributed network, while helping MSPs bring Bigleaf’s cloud-enabled solutions to more companies looking to SD-WAN to provide higher throughput and less latency.

Located inside Equinix’s DC10 campus, the new PoP will allow Bigleaf Networks to expand its peering with the world’s two biggest public cloud providers, as well as networks such as Adobe, Alibaba, Apple, Cloudflare, Google, Netflix, Salesforce, and WebEx. 

To deliver the predictable performance and connectivity today’s cloud-first businesses need, Bigleaf had to take a whole new approach to connectivity that traditional SD-WANs weren’t built to address. The best way to do that was to build a networking platform from the ground up. 

Unlike others in the industry who are solely reliant on an ISP for peering, Bigleaf Networks architected a new kind of networking platform to deliver end-to-end connectivity to and from anywhere a customer’s traffic needs to go. The company operates its own network, which is optimized for quality and performance, providing an additional layer of control to ensure an optimal internet experience. When a customer installs Bigleaf, all of its traffic is sent directly to Bigleaf and its peering locations. This unique architecture and patented technology allows Bigleaf to control traffic flow and ensures that quality of service is maintained from the customer’s location, through their ISP, and through the backbone of the Internet before going to the application provider.

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