Bigleaf Networks' new Admin Features Give SD-WAN Customers Even Greater Control

PORTLAND, OR, January 22, 2020 — Bigleaf Networks today launched a range of new user administration features that give customers greater flexibility and control over their SD-WAN environment. These features include a new Administrator user role and site management options. 

Bigleaf built these new administration features to allow customers to further customize their Bigleaf SD-WAN environment immediately without the need for involvement from Bigleaf Support.  

These new Bigleaf Administration features give their customers’ greater control over: 

  • Site Configuration – Change or add circuits at customer sites 
  • SD-WAN Settings – Adjust load-balancing settings by site 
  • Team Management – Create role-based logins for different functions in their organization 

“We’re always looking to make our customers’ lives easier,” said Joel Mulkey, founder and CEO of Bigleaf. “While our SD-WAN technology is designed to be effective out-of-the box, we know customers are diverse and each has different needs. Some want off the shelf configuration, others want the flexibility to customize. These new Bigleaf administration features give our customers the flexibility and control they need and allows us to evolve our business to support theirs.” 

The new administration features are also a boon for Bigleaf’s growing roster of MSP partners. MSPs can now provide varying levels of user access to their customers based on their technical abilities. MSPs have the ability to grant in-house IT staff control over their Bigleaf setting, and grant read-only credentials to less technical customers who still want visibility into their network performance. 

“Even with consistently high support team ratings exceeding 98%, some Bigleaf customers have a strong appetite for more control over their SD-WAN environment like we’re now enabling,” said Mulkey. “Bigleaf still retains responsibility for the overall customer experience, and is always available 24/7 to help, but now customers have immediate access to make changes on their own.” 

Bigleaf customers can enable the new administration features by contacting Bigleaf support at

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