Bigleaf Networks Unveils Enhanced Service Provider Program


BEAVERTON, OR, February 1, 2021 — Bigleaf Networks today launched a revamped service provider program with enhanced sales enablement, better training and ongoing support to address sustained increase in demand for its intelligent SD-WAN platform. The company appointed John Hogan, Bigleaf’s first vice president of sales, to lead the program.

While Bigleaf has always worked closely with service providers, its existing program was built with a very narrow focus for a very specific type of service provider partner looking for a very specific solution. And while Bigleaf has had success with the partners it has worked with, it realized there was a broader opportunity to work with more partners. To do that, Bigleaf restructured the program, putting staffing and expertise in place to put its service provider partners in a better position to be successful. 

The first change was moving John Hogan, Bigleaf’s original Vice President of Sales, over top of the program. Hogan has a unique background and skill set of not only understanding Bigleaf, but also what it takes to train others to sell Bigleaf. By appointing Hogan to manage the program, Bigleaf gives service providers a seasoned resource with a proven track record of success to help them grow their businesses.

“John has a phenomenal track record and the experience and leadership necessary to help our service providers succeed,” said Jeff Burchett, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Bigleaf. “Partners can expect John to take a more proactive, hands-on approach than we’ve been able to give them in the past, and provide them with the level of attention and resources they expect from us, helping them fulfill the market demand they are experiencing.”

The SD-WAN market is maturing and growing at an aggressive rate. Initially, large enterprises flocked to SD-WAN to improve site-to-site connectivity. Today, Bigleaf is seeing new demand from cloud dependent small and medium size businesses and mid-market customers looking at SD-WAN to connect their users and cloud-based applications.

“The first two partners we started working with under this new program had existing SD-WAN solutions in their sales portfolio. They came to us looking for something different,” said Burchett. “These are experienced service providers that have a strong understanding of SD-WAN, a broad view of the solutions in the market, and they saw a Bigleaf sized hole in their product offering that they were looking to fulfill. Their knowledge of the market made it obvious of where we were going to fit and why we’re in a unique position to help them fulfill that demand.”

Earlier this month, Hypercore added Bigleaf to its SD-WAN provider portfolio, giving it the ability to offer a plug-and-play SD-WAN solution for customers that want to add intelligence to their Internet, cloud, and VPN connectivity, without over-complicating the purchasing and installation process with manual policies and unnecessary firewall feature changes.

“Bigleaf not only challenges the way we think about SD-WAN deployment, but they also bring some impressive capabilities to the SOHO user without breaking the bank or over-complicating the deployment,” said Taylor Aponte Vice President of Marketing, Hypercore.

Bigleaf recognizes SD-WAN is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every organization and partners have a large pool of providers to offer their customers. While not positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for every networking challenge, Bigleaf is confident it has the most partner-friendly solution to help service providers improve their own customers’ networking experience, retain control of their customer relationships, and drive revenue growth and profitability.

“The overarching goal of our service provider program is to make our partners successful. If they’re successful, we’ll be successful. Our own growth is a byproduct of the revenue growth our service provider partners generate. The program exists to grow revenues across the board and to have a positive impact on everyone in the Bigleaf ecosystem,” said Burchett.

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