Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools

Keep all lines of communication open

Long gone are the days when email and phone calls were the only ways we communicated and worked together. Today, collaboration software — from Slack to Microsoft Teams and Google Docs — is where much of it happens, and it’s likely become an integral part of your business operations. Unfortunately, ensuring a reliable experience for these cloud- and internet-based technologies isn’t as easy as it was for ones hosted in your server closet or datacenter. 

Enable frictionless collaboration for your company

With Bigleaf, you can deliver the same predictable performance over your ISP’s middle- or last-mile internet paths as you do in the rest of the network, so the tools you all rely on to collaborate will work just as well as something you may have had in a closet down the hall. And with Bigleaf, there’s no need to constantly write, test, and update policies or custom configurations to ensure reliable performance of your cloud- and internet-based applications. 

Avoid network issues that hamper real-time collaboration

When you’re having issues with packet loss, jitter or latency these can often show up in the collaboration tools your company uses in frustrating ways. For example, coworkers who are editing a doc at the same time might not see edits show up right away. With Bigleaf, you get a self-driving AI that automatically identifies changes in circuit performance, traffic types on the network, and adapts to prevent disruptions to end users.  

Get the data you need to deliver reliable connectivity

Bigleaf’s Web Dashboard with actionable reports and alerts gives you all the circuit performance and application traffic data you need to stay in the driver’s seat. You’ll know when things change, when things need attention, and what to do next to ensure reliable user experience for every cloud-and internet-technology. 

Bigleaf works with any collaboration tool, including:

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