Keep your ops and sales teams running smoothly

Your ERP and CRM are some of the most important applications for your ops and sales teams, and arguably your entire business. That makes them one of the most important things to keep up and running. Many ERPs and CRMs — like NetSuite and Salesforce — are cloud-based and their performance relies on the the quality of your internet connection, which can make it challenging to deliver the reliable user experience you need. 

Automatically adapt to circuit issues that would impact your ERP or CRM performance

At any given moment, there are several issues that can crop up in your ISP’s middle or the last mile of the internet path that your ERP or CRM traffic travels on — from packet loss and latency to outages. With Bigleaf, you get a backbone overlay network with built-in redundancy and self-driving AI that automatically adapts to circuit performance issues before your users experience any impact. And best of all, there’s no need to constantly write, test, and update policies or custom configurations, making it easy give your ops and sales teams a reliable experience with their business-critical applications. 

Get the insight you need to deliver reliable connectivity

Bigleaf’s Web Dashboard with actionable reports and alerts gives you the circuit performance and application traffic data you need to stay in the driver’s seat. You’ll know when things change, when things need attention, and what to do next to ensure reliable user experience for every cloud- and internet-technology. 

Bigleaf is ideal for any ERP or CRM, including:

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