Home Office Service Circuit Configuration

Circuit Configuration for Bigleaf Home Office

Congratulations on successfully installing your Bigleaf Home Office Router!

To complete the set-up please follow the directions below to update your provider’s speeds in the Bigleaf Web Dashboard. This step ensures that our proprietary Quality of Service algorithms will appropriately prioritize your traffic and allow voice and video to flow smoothly throughout the day even when others are online with you.

The following steps can only be completed if you are an administrator of the site you are configuring. If your service is being managed by someone else or your company’s IT, please provide them with the needed information shown in the steps below.


Browse to app.bigleaf.net and login with the credentials you should already have received. If you haven’t received an email with your username and password, please email homesupport@bigleaf.net or call support (6am -5pm PT) to have the email re-sent.



Click on the CONFIGURATION tab.


Click the EDIT button that appears.


Your circuit section will be available for editing. Update the DOWNLOAD SPEED, UPLOAD SPEED and TYPE (if necessary) for your circuit.

If you do not know your provider speeds or circuit type, contact your ISP.


Click SAVE to exit the configuration view.


While you’re in the Dashboard, explore all the webpages of information available to you. Check out the SUPPORT link at the top of the page to watch the video walkthrough of your new Bigleaf Service.

If you ever need support or answers to questions, feel free to email homesupport@bigleaf.net or call us (6am-5pm PT) at 888-244-3133, option 1.


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