Remote Office

Remote Employee Network Optimization

Remote Office

Home offices have unique challenges

Odds are, your employees’ internet in their home office isn’t nearly as good as your main office. For one, residential internet just isn’t as reliable as what’s available for businesses. Plus, many people working at home may be sharing their connection with someone who is streaming a movie or playing an online game while they’re on an important work call. 

Bigleaf can be deployed in your employees’ homes, so you can give your remote workers the same reliable experience with all their business-critical internet- and cloud-based technologies as they have in the office.

Prioritize business applications over household traffic

Bigleaf automatically classifies and prioritizes all your traffic, so your employees’ important Zoom call, Office365 work or VPN session doesn’t suffer because someone down the hall is watching Netflix or playing Minecraft.

Give your employees full middle-mile redundancy

We built our own Cloud Access Network to create full redundancy with multiple carrier-grade routers, dedicated servers, internet transit circuits, and core backbone circuits.

Understand your employees’ home connectivity

With Bigleaf’s web dashboard and alerts, you get visibility into your remote workers’ home circuit and traffic performance so you can see when things need attention — without impeding on their privacy.

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See how you can deliver truly reliable connectivity for any cloud- and internet-based technology, over any ISP. 



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