Bigleaf connects with channel partners

I had a great time reconnecting with so many friends and colleagues at the recent Channel Partners Conference and Expo. It was especially heartening to see the enthusiastic response to Bigleaf Networks. Since I came on board in April as Bigleaf’s Chief Sales Officer, the momentum within the channel has been growing by the day. 

Here are my 5 big takeaways from this year’s Channel Partners event: 

  1. Excitement. The expo hall was buzzing with activity. So much networking, so many great conversations. 
  1. Education. World-class speakers delivered thought-provoking insights. 
  1. Technology. So many opportunities to build and grow together with hot, ubiquitous technologies – especially UCaaS, CCaaS, and VoIP, and 5G. 
  1. Relationships. In-person events are all about people. Longtime friends and colleagues caught up, while new partnerships emerged and flourished.  
  1. Collaboration. Working together to benefit our mutual customers. Bigleaf continues to invest in the channel, and we’re committed to our partners’ success. 

I’m so proud to represent Bigleaf. Trusted advisors, integrators, and solution providers are hungry for a platform that’s easy to sell, install, and maintain. And Bigleaf is uniquely suited to our channel partners’ needs and the needs of their customers. 

Bigleaf supports pretty much any cloud-based use case with reliable, resilient internet connectivity. Our true zero-touch, plug-and-play solution takes only minutes to install and it works with every ISP, technology, and vendor — so there’s no need to replace or reconfigure existing firewalls or VPNs.  

Bigleaf fulfills the promise of internet connectivity without complexity. Let us show you how it’s done. Schedule a demo today.  

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