Bigleaf Status Page: Transparency in Action

Most network providers hide outages and performance issues from you. They all have issues, but don’t inform you about them proactively. If you ask them “why was I down”, or “why did I have terrible performance for 2 hours” they might eventually tell you why, but it’s far from transparency and honesty. This is really frustrating, and creates a lot of confusion. It’s hard to know if they’re fixing the issues or just sweeping you under the rug. We don’t want your Bigleaf experience to feel anything like this!

The Bigleaf Status Page

At Bigleaf we have a culture of honesty and transparency, so we’ve just launched a public status page:

You can visit this page at any time to find both real-time and historical info about outages or performance problems affecting our service. This includes our datacenters, core network, IP connectivity, peering, web application dashboard, and other system-wide performance. Since we operate our own carrier-grade redundant network, we back it with an SLA.

As always, if you’re wondering about the status of a single customer site or circuit (instead of the network as a whole) you can see that via your private web app dashboard.

We hope this level of transparency, that is very unusual in the networking/telecom world, gives you comfort that we’re a partner with you, fighting hard to give you the best possible experience.

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