Embarrassingly Easy

Embarrassingly Easy…


Looking ahead to our first trade show next week, I am amazed by the number decisions that face today’s IT decision makers. At just this show, there are more than 200 vendors for telecommunication services alone! While it makes for an exciting time to be in tech, it must be a little intimidating for the people who have to evaluate all of these options and make decisions.


For a startup like Bigleaf, one of our biggest challenges is how do we stick out amongst all of these options. We’ve worked very hard to build powerful technology capable of creating real value for our target market. But how do people find us? What do we want to be known for? Why will people care?


These are obviously big questions that warrant a lot of time and effort to fully answer. We grapple with them every single day. We have however; found a guiding principle that we know will drive our success.


Bigleaf is “embarrassingly easy” to work with.


If we will be anything to customers, partners, and prospects, we will be embarrassingly easy to work with. We will be one of the easiest decisions today’s that these people will have to make. We will not be hard to work with. We will not be hard to sell. We will not be hard to install. We will not be hard to support. We will be embarrassingly easy to work with.


So what does that mean? Well, here’s what it means to us today.


Embarrassingly Easy to Sell – We are committed to bringing our services to our customers via the partner channel. We’ve worked in the channel in the past and we know that the best partners have a lot of options to put in front of their customers. We also know if selling our services or ordering our services is complicated, then we don’t stand a chance of building a strong working relationship with those partners. We have to be so easy to sell that we are included on every Internet, VoIP, SaaS, and Cloud proposal they put in front if their customers.


Embarrassingly Easy to Install – Tech today is “on demand”. The market not only requires the most powerful technology, they also expect it to work with the least amount of effort. Look at procuring a server 10 years ago, versus spinning up an instance at AWS today. To make life easier on our partners and customers, our installation process has to be the “AWS” of Internet optimization. There can’t be a complicated process that only a handful “certified” people understand. Bigleaf works, right out of the box every single time. If you can plug in an Ethernet cord, you should yourself a “Bigleaf Certified” installer.


Embarrassingly Easy to Use – We (and when I say we, I mean people a lot smarter than me at Bigleaf) have built a very powerful tool to maximize the performance, reliability, and value of a customer’s internet connections and the traffic that relies on those connections. The power of the application lies in the automatic adaptation to both the performance of the Internet circuits and the requirements of the customer’s traffic. The platform is constantly adapting itself to ensure the best performance for customers. A customer can simply “set it and forget it” when it comes to Bigleaf. The only time a user should feel the need to make a change is when they add or change ISP services.


Embarrassingly Easy to Support –Many of today’s IT directors, consultants, or administrators thrive on self-service tools. They need tools that empower them to find and fix a problem on their own time. Calling somebody and waiting on hold doesn’t work in their world. Bigleaf is very proud of the web portal we’ve created for our customers to view real-time performance of their Internet connections. Furthermore, we’ve adapted that same portal to be utilized by both our partners and their partners alike. With all the being said, we also know that sometimes you really just need to talk to someone. That’s why we are also staffed 24x7x365 to help.


So that’s where we are starting. What can you expect from us moving forward? We are committed to not only getting better at everything above, but to also push ourselves to find more ways to be embarrassingly easy to work with. If you’ve got an ideas, or think we can do any of this better, let us know. We are here to make things embarrassingly easy for you!

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