Expanding capacity and connectivity with new Virginia Data Center Alley PoP

We’re excited to announce our newest point of presence (PoP) in Ashburn, Virginia. This new Gateway Cluster doubles the capacity of our owned-and-operated backbone platform and brings applications and data closer to users, while creating an even more resilient network.

As we’ve continued to expand, and we see our customer base expand, there’s more need to have a more diverse set of points of presence. This is an opportunity for us to expand our footprint within the US and gives us another major peering location to ensure we have the kind of low-latency, highly performant experience our customers are looking for. 

Ashburn is often referred to as Data Center Alley. It is the most densely populated data center peering point in the United States. More than 70% of the world’s internet traffic passes through its colocation and interconnection infrastructure.

This new POP sits inside Equinix’s DC10 campus, allowing us to expand our peering with Microsoft Azure and AWS US East 1A-D, as well as major networks including Adobe, Alibaba, Apple, Cloudflare, Google, Netflix, Salesforce, and WebEx. 

If you’d like to learn more about Bigleaf’s Cloud Access Network and how it can help you deliver better internet connectivity and performance for your business, please connect with us to discover what Bigleaf can do for you.  

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