Online orders or offline agony? Why restaurants can’t afford to ignore internet issues anymore

In this post-pandemic world, internet connectivity is no longer just a commodity—it’s a competitive advantage. Restaurant operators need cloud applications and internet-enabled technologies to engage with guests and build lifelong brand advocates.

From online ordering to digital loyalty to cloud point-of-sale –restaurant franchises of all sizes depend on always-on internet connectivity to operate efficiently and create differentiated experiences for their guests.

But what happens when you can’t depend on your network to support your most essential day-to-day business needs?

During this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • Trends and shifts in the market that are changing the way your guests want to interact with you
  • Why your internet connection could be your biggest (and most attainable) competitive advantage
  • How to gain a 360-degree view into your entire network to eliminate disruptions and create a smooth guest and employee experience in every one of your restaurant locations
Featured speakers
Greg Davis

CEO, Bigleaf Networks

David McGiffin

Manager, Sales Engineering/Former MSP

Lori Stout

CMO, Bigleaf Networks

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