SD-WAN safeguards holiday ecommerce experience for online retailer

Online retail requires optimized network connectivity

The holiday season is a bustling time for retailers. For Hanna Andersson, an online retailer in business for over 30 years, staying connected isn’t just a necessity—it’s paramount. With operations in three states, including a distribution center that operates 21 hours a day, and online orders pouring in around the clock during this time, the impact of network issues on their business cannot be understated. That’s why Hanna Andersson relies on Bigleaf to ensure the seamless performance of their mission-critical network connectivity across their entire business.

At the heart of Hanna Andersson’s operations are key components like eCommerce systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Office 365, and cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS. Any hiccup, from minor glitches to major outages, can profoundly affect business operations.

The cost of downtime for online retailers

More than just a financial sum, the actual cost of network downtime encompasses lost revenue, decreased productivity of their 400 employees, recovery and repair costs, and intangible losses like damage to reputation and missed opportunities. According to industry estimates, a single minute of downtime can cost upwards of $5,600.

For Hanna Andersson, the decision to partner with Bigleaf was reinforced by past experiences. A three-hour service outage once led to a complete halt in business operations, prompting the entire staff to be sent home for the day. This incident served to emphasize the need for a robust and reliable network infrastructure.

Bigleaf delivers uninterrupted network connectivity

Hanna Andersson credits Bigleaf with not only eliminating network-related “fire drills,” but also for keeping the actual business running during a Comcast service outage at their Kentucky distribution center. Within this Case Study, it’s noted that Bigleaf provides much-needed visibility into network performance while saving valuable troubleshooting time and providing data used to expedite ISP service outage resolutions.

By ensuring that Hanna Andersson’s network remains robust and optimized, Bigleaf is safeguarding not only revenue but also productivity and employee morale.

In the world of online retail, every second counts. This holiday season, make sure nothing disrupts your business—secure your connectivity with Bigleaf.

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