Star2Star Offers Bigleaf as Part of Full Spectrum Portfolio

Today I’m thrilled to announce Bigleaf’s partnership with Star2Star. Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN will now be part of Star2Star’s Full Spectrum Communications Solution. Since the inception of Bigleaf, the value of bundling SD-WAN and UCaaS has been evident. While our “Cloud-first” strategy has been about the complete business shift from “on-prem” software and applications to SaaS and Public Cloud Service, UCaaS was the first and still most significant driver in Bigleaf adoption. Features like Same-IP Failover, Dynamic QoS, and Intelligent Load-balancing are crucial to ensuring the performance of UCaaS.

The road to this partnership started a few years back when a mutual Bigleaf and Star2Star sales partner began evaluating solutions for a multi-site auto parts retailer. After looking at multiple UCaaS options, the partner landed on Star2Star as the best UCaaS solution and bundled it with Bigleaf SD-WAN. Throughout this first joint deployment, we were impressed with the Star2Star team as they stepped up to make sure that the customer was satisfied. Star2Star wasn’t afraid to embrace new technology and put the customer first, a value that we share.

That deal in early 2015 was foreshadowing. Late last year, we began working with the leadership team at Star2Star on a strategic partnership. After a few months of work, we’re excited to announce the outcome of that meeting is a wholesale partnership that allows Star2Star customers to benefit from the reliability of Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN as part of the Full Spectrum Communications Solution.

“Our partnership with Bigleaf ensures our customers have the best voice and data optimization options,” said Michelle Accardi, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Star2Star Communications. “Star2Star is dedicated to bringing the most cutting-edge communications solutions to market. With Bigleaf, we are able to expand our abilities to provide network optimization that will enhance every aspect of our customers’ businesses from voice to data.”

Jeff Burchett - Co-Founder & VP of Sales/Marketing
Jeff Burchett
Co-Founder & VP of Sales

Customers who purchase Bigleaf’s SD-WAN through Star2Star will benefit from our full range of Cloud optimization features including our Cloud Access Network, Same-IP Failover, Dynamic QoS, and Intelligent Load-balancing. All this will come with the convenience of a single invoice and support via Star2Star.

You can find more details in the full press release.

We’d like to personally thank Trey Watson, Hal Logan, Michelle Accardi, Bobby Mohanty, Bruce Illes, and Norm Worthington for making this happen.

Got questions about the partnership or how to purchase Bigleaf as part of the Star2Star Full Spectrum Communications Solution? Submit them through our Contact page.

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