Telarus names Bigleaf Top SD-WAN Vendor

Over the past three years, we’ve taken a somewhat contrarian view of the generally accepted definition and expectation of SD-WAN. While plenty of other SD-WAN providers have had great success positioning SD-WAN as an evolution of the traditional hub-and-spoke WAN, we saw a different value proposition for the Cloud-enabled businesses of today and tomorrow.

Becuase we’ve taken a path less-traveled, it’s that much more appreciated when someone else stands up and recognizes the value our unique approach brings to the market. That’s why we are so excited to announce our recent recognition as the Top SD-WAN Provider in 2017 by the Master Agent Telarus, LLC. This recognition is about the real world success of Telarus and their partners selling more Bigleaf SD-WAN services than any other SD-WAN provider in their portfolio.

Bigleaf Networks is the first SD-WAN explicitly built for today’s Cloud-enabled businesses. We believe that companies should be able to benefit from the speed, ease and flexibility of Cloud technologies without having to worry about outages and performance problems. That’s why we built an SD-WAN platform that’s powerful enough to work with every Cloud application and intelligent enough to identify internet performance issues and automatically adjust traffic patterns for new applications. That means your applications keep running the way they were intended and your users happy.

Bigleaf’s Cloud Access Network gives you an Enterprise-grade connection to any Cloud application your team wants to use. Our patent-pending intelligent platform reacts in real-time to new Cloud deployments and changing internet performance to ensure that your users’ cloud experience is always optimized. And Bigleaf deploys and scales easily to any number of locations or cloud applications without the need for manual configuration or policies.

Our contrarian view has been met with resistance from some in the industry, questioning how we are applying SD-WAN principles in our solution. We’ve always welcomed these debates and love sharing our position. We are proud of what we have built and the value we bring as the foundation of our customers’ cloud strategy.

We’re thankful and indebted to the Telarus community and our shared success. This is about partners and customer recognizing and benefit from a Cloud-first SD-WAN strategy. We are excited to grow our partnership and shared vision of what SD-WAN can bring to our mutual Cloud-enabled business customers, looking to purpose build connectivity to the Cloud.

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