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TeleCost Savings is a leading telecommunications consulting firm specializing in helping businesses across various industries simplify the process of obtaining the highest quality internet, voice, and data services with a focus on delivering value and ensuring clients receive the most for their investments, TeleCost Savings has garnered a reputation for its commitment to excellence.


Enhancing internet connectivity for business clients

Dean Stewart, CTO of TeleCost Savings, recognized the need to improve internet connectivity solutions for clients seeking reliable and uninterrupted service. In a world where businesses rely heavily on internet-dependent applications, maintaining network reliability is essential. He explains, “Businesses need a solution that goes beyond conventional backup internet. They require a reliable and robust system that ensures consistent connectivity.”


Bigleaf Networks revolutionizes internet reliability

TeleCost Savings became a partner with Bigleaf Networks to address the connectivity challenges faced by its clients. Bigleaf’s innovative SD-WAN technology offered a solution that went beyond redundancy and transformed the way businesses experienced internet connectivity.

“Bigleaf Internet is more than just a backup; it’s a game-changer,” says Stewart. “It ensures businesses get what they pay for and eliminates the chaos that typically accompanies network outages.”

The partnership with Bigleaf Networks allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their existing second circuit with Bigleaf’s technology, guaranteeing optimal performance. In scenarios where the primary circuit experiences downtime, Bigleaf’s technology effortlessly transitions to the secondary circuit, preventing disruptions to VPNs and critical applications.

Stewart adds, “With Bigleaf, clients can achieve better voice and video quality without the need for dedicated fiber. It’s a cost-effective and elegant solution.”

"Bigleaf Internet is more than just a backup; it's a game-changer. It ensures businesses get what they pay for and eliminates the chaos that typically accompanies network outages."

Demonstrating the power of Bigleaf

TeleCost Savings not only advocates for Bigleaf Networks as an agent but also educates clients on the technology’s capabilities. They provide clients with insights into how Bigleaf’s dual IPsec tunnels and real-time routing work to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Stewart further emphasizes, “Bigleaf’s setup is incredibly simple, and its support is exceptional. The setup takes less than a minute, and if clients ever need assistance, Bigleaf’s support team is readily available.”

Navigating the Complex Telecom Landscape

TeleCost Savings navigates the complexity of the telecommunications industry on behalf of its clients. By working closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and challenges, TeleCost Savings positions Bigleaf Networks as a pivotal component of their tailored solutions. Stewart comments, “Bigleaf Networks becomes the cornerstone of our solutions, ensuring that everything works seamlessly together. It doesn’t disrupt existing systems; it enhances them.”


Dean Stewart’s TeleCost Savings is committed to providing businesses with the best internet connectivity solutions. By partnering with Bigleaf Networks, they have transformed how businesses experience internet reliability. Stewart’s dedication to delivering value and his deep knowledge of Bigleaf’s capabilities have made him a trusted advocate for businesses seeking to enhance their network performance.

In a world where network interruptions can have significant repercussions, TeleCost Savings and Bigleaf Networks are working together to provide businesses with the peace of mind that comes from reliable and resilient internet connectivity. With a focus on education and advocacy, they ensure that clients not only have the right solution but also understand how it works and why it’s essential.

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