What is the true cost of internet downtime?

Internet downtime can be a huge source of aggravation for any business. Cloud-based applications are unavailable, and employees can’t do their work. The IT team is overwhelmed with support calls.

Even a partial outage or brownout can affect time-sensitive, session-based activities. VoIP calls drop, customers can’t complete their online purchases, and videoconference participants start to look and sound unprofessional during their most important meetings.

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How can you prevent disruptions due to internet outages and brownouts?

Learn about the costs and risks of internet downtime – as well as unusable uptime – from a seasoned IT pro, when you join Bigleaf in a fireside chat on Wednesday, March 8, with guest Tony Velasco, Director of Infrastructure and Operations at Hanna Andersson, a top manufacturer of children’s apparel.

Tony will provide a view from the trenches, including valuable tips that saved Hanna Andersson thousands of dollars per minute and helped them earn a prestigious Newsweek award for outstanding customer service. And he’ll explain how his company has eliminated the risk of future internet outages, protecting revenue and productivity.

Together with Bigleaf CMO Lori Stout, Tony will also reveal the best practices that support optimal performance of the company’s e-commerce operations and other critical, internet-dependent applications and services.

Watch the fireside chat with Tony and Lori.

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