Cloud Performance

Cloud Performance With Bigleaf

Bigleaf improves the performance of every Cloud app across every Internet connection.


When you migrate to the Cloud you become fully dependent on your connection to get there. Bigleaf protects your Office365 experience, providing the best path for your email, calendar, files, and other Microsoft hosted traffic. With direct peering to Microsoft at each of our POPs (datacenters), the traffic between Microsoft’s datacenters and your office never hits the open Internet un-protected. Instead, it rides through our tunnels that provide QoS and Intelligent Load Balancing.

Point of Sale (PoS)

One of the best use cases for SD-WAN is protecting valuable credit card transactions. Bigleaf is a huge win for any retailer using cloud-hosted Point of Sale. With Bigleaf controlling traffic flow, and with redundant ISP connections at each store, credit card transactions aren’t lost from provider outages anymore. Bigleaf also automatically prioritizes the credit card transactions over background traffic like data transfers and video.


Whether you’re manufacturing goods and have contractual requirements for redundancy, or you’re simply using a cloud-hosted ERP system for convenience, Bigleaf ensures the reliability of your connection to those systems. With Bigleaf, your customers and partners can depend on the reliability of your connectivity.

SaaS and other Cloud

Bigleaf benefits every type of SaaS and Cloud-hosted application. Our software-driven network automatically identifies this traffic to prioritize it above bulk data that would otherwise hog connection capacity. Since our core network is hosted in datacenters at major Internet peering points, your traffic is protected along almost the whole path from your computer to the cloud servers your app is running on.

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